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Optometrist Serving Doral, FL

At Hialeah Eye & Vision Care we take pride in providing high quality eye care services residents of Miami and the greater Miami metropolitan area. With our optometric center convenient located inside Walmart Vision Center on the Okeechobee Exit, we are able to serve patients from Doral easily and comfortably.

With the huge population growth of Doral over the last two decades, many new residents do not know where to turn for quality vision services. At Hialeah Eye & Vision Care we are currently accepting new patients and would be glad to set up appointments for your entire family.

When Should You Schedule Your Doral Eye Exam?

eye exams for doral FLNo matter what your profession, it is advised to have yearly eye exams. With our optometrists located only a few miles away, receiving comprehensive vision care has never been easier. At our optometric center you will find everything you need from eye exams to contact lenses and glasses.

With many of our Doral clients commuting to work in the greater Miami metropolitan area, it is important to make sure you have glare and UV protective lenses for your daily drive. Our optometrists will discuss your commute, work environment and lifestyle in order to provide the best eyewear solutions for your eyes.For those of you who work in an office setting, or who spend a lot of time on your home computer or mobile phones, our eye doctors specialize in Computer Vision Syndrome.

Sunglasses and UV Rays

Living in Doral, FL it doesn’t matter how you spend most of your day, your eyes are constantly being exposed to the sun and its harmful rays. Our optical staff will help you choose the right sunglasses and lens treatments to protect your eyes at all times. Some of the lens treatments available in Doral include: scratch coating, UV protection and anti-reflective treatments. You can also opt for transition lenses or other types of lenses that allow versatility with one pair of glasses.

Sports and Specialty Eyewear in Doral

Doral, Fl is a great place to live for people with active lifestyles. Whether you are outside playing baseball, swimming or spending hours at the beach, our eye doctors’ can fit you for sports and specialty eyewear.

Sports glasses, goggles and specialty frames will increase your performance and provide protection for your eyes in potentially harmful situations. You can also speak to your eye care professional about vision training to help improve hand-eye-coordination and other vision related functions that can improve your game.

Children’s Eye Exams

Are you wondering when to bring your child in for their first eye exam? Not sure if they can see the board clearly at school? Call our office and speak to our trained staff about your concerns. We provide pediatric eye care for Doral children of all ages and will be happy to set up an eye exam for your child.

Additional Eye Care Services Include:

  • Contact lens services including: contact lens fittings and advice on the best type of lenses for your lifestyle
  • Variety of contacts such as daily wear, gas permeable lenses, soft lenses and more
  • Dry eye treatment
  • Management and treatment of ocular diseases including: Glaucoma, Cataract and Macular Degeneration
  • Cataract and Cosmetic Surgery Co-Management
  • Care during eye emergencies
  • LASIK surgery management
  • Designer eyewear for the whole family
  • And many more vision services.

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